Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breathing again

Well life has been full of stuff that I promised myself that I would not write about in my blog as of late. After working thirteen days in a row I was finally allowed to breath. This weekend was fun. We went out to dinner with three other couples from church and had a blast. It was funny because once we all found out who was watching everyones children, we all realized how important the Wolf family is to the ward. All of us were using cousins from the Wolfs family. We went out to eat at Shogun Japanees restaurant. We had a great time there as the chef kept us all laughing and in good spirits. When we were finished we all decided to go to the movies. I do not remember the name of the movie but I do nknow it was not worth the money we spent on it. After this we ended up at Applebees for desert. Being a father of three, I do not get out very much and I try my hardest not to go to places that serve the same style of food as I see at work everyday. After looking at the dessert menu which was the same as ours, Lisa made the decision of what to get. i was not impressed with the product as it was not presented very well. This morning Caleb woke up around four to go to the restroom. After he was finished he tried to despretly get into the grown ups bedroom to tell me that he beat a level on Mario Kart that we had been trying to beat for the last two weeks. When i got up this morning he brought me straight down stairs to show me the new car and driver. I think it is funny because at his age, I did not even know what video games where. I would put him up against anyone in racing games because he can actually play them. Lisa does not like to play video games with Caleb because she usually looses to him. I have other friends who have also taken him lightly only to loose by large margins. Today I plan on mowing the lawn and waiting for a phone call. I need to get to the lawn so another time I will fill you in on what the phone call is regarding.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday Morning!!!!

Ok so I get home from work last night at 3 a.m. One of the employees lost money and we had to count all of the money over and over again. Once I finally fall a sleep I am starting to get really comfortable and Lisa, wakes me up because I am snoring to loud and she cannot sleep. The kids then wake up at 7 a.m. and go down stairs. Elijah must have been the ring leader or the one who lost in the drawing straws competition because he is the one who was chosen to come and wake up daddy for good this morning. Elijah is our athlete, if there is a ball or any kind of sports object in the building, he is good to go. Ok so back to the little tike's plan, he strolls into the room and I heard the door opening. I thought the perpetrator had gone away because I did not see anyone come in the room. Elijah being all two feet and a couple of inches turned out to be the secret weapon. Next thing I know, BLAMMO, I get hit in the head with a football and I hear little feet running for the door. What a way to get woken up. So I am up and the wife and kids are all getting ready to go to Atlanta to Poppa Butches house to celebrate Easter and Lisa's 29th b-day. So I mosey on into the kitchen poor some cereal and Lisa decides it is time to dye Easter eggs. This was actually the highlight of the day so far as I am tired and have to write a paper still before I go to work. Easter egg dying was fun, Caleb and Loryn dominated the color choices and I had to have the traditional Denver Broncos Egg. Lijie decided he since we were not giving him eggs, he would dye his hand yellow. Oh the fun of holidays. Lisa and the kids are now on their way to ATL and I am sitting on the computer like a two hundred pound gorilla that does not want to do his home work, can you say procrastination!

Friday, April 6, 2007

The bloggin begins today!

Ok, so I am new to this. I have decided to create a blog for many reasons. The main reason is that I graduate from the university of Phoenix later this year and I need a reason to not throw my computer out the window:). Ok really I see many pictures of my nephew Jake on here and I can't help but want a place to rant about my three kids. So here is where my life is at the moment. I live somewhere in the good ol Rocky Top, and enjoy my life style. I am one of the luckiest people I know as my wife takes great care of me and my children. She is the bestest house hold manager they is. Ok so she is the domesticated house wife at the moment who will one day return the work field once the most important work is completed with raising our children to become great people. Oh yeah not to mention it is almost the house hold managers b-day for anyone who forgot. Well I am procrastinating my homework and I need to go so we'll see ya when I post again.